About Beeckestijn

Work is constantly changing and that requires the right knowledge and skills. Beeckestijn Business School helps with this. With compact and practical programs within digital, marketing, cx, data and communication by 100% subject matter experts.


The Beeckestijn promises

  1. You are guaranteed to make an impact
  2. Practical application and 100% specialists
  3. You build a valuable network
  4. Your growth is paramount, we go a long way for it 
  5. Gives energy!


Beeckestijn Business School

Our courses

We offer different types of programmes at different levels:

  • Post-master programmes
  • Post-bachelor programmes
  • In-company programmes
  • E-learning 

Discover more about the differences between the training types ››

Personal advice

Curious about which program best suits your wishes and knowledge needs? We are happy to think along with you. Discover all options for personal advice ››

Knowlegde & inspiration

We love to share our knowlegde! Participate in one of our free online clinics. View our agenda for the upcoming events and subjects >>

A positive impact on the world

CO2 neutral courses

All our courses will be CO2 neutral from the beginning of 2020. In collaboration with Trees for all, we offset our CO2 emissions by investing in reforestation and nature conservation projects.

Socially engaged action plans

As a participant in a program, you get started with your own action plan. Write that action plan for an organization and teach you how to apply your new knowledge in a practical way. Do you currently not have an employer or client? Then we are happy to help you in the search for a suitable assignment. We like to work together with charities. How nice is it, for example, to make an action plan for a good cause? That is impact!

Are you a charity or public institution and would you like one of our participants to work on an issue for you? We would like to hear about it via info@beeckestijn.org.

Beeckestijn Business School