About Beeckestijn

About Beeckestijn

Beeckestijn Business School is the leading educational institute for digital, marketing, cx, data and communication; we combine strategy, theory and know-how in short, practical courses on different levels. Beeckestijn Business School offers programmes and courses that deliver in-depth knowledge within a discipline, sector-specific master classes and tailor-made in-company learning trajectories. Beeckestijn aims to develop and offer short, high-quality courses in which the newly acquired knowledge can immediately be applied in practice.

We offer various courses in the fields of online marketing, online communication, social media and customer centricity, in a number of categories and levels. Our courses are continuously expanded and updated.


Sharing is multiplying. We at Beeckestijn Business School like sharing our expertise. Not just through our teachers and their lectures in our variety of courses. In addition, we regularly organise clinics; two-hour-long knowledge sessions about a specific subject, open to all and with free admission. And we regularly publish whitepapers: reports on specific subjects which can be downloaded free of charge through our website. In all our activities we keep the practical applicability of the knowledge we offer in mind; we help you with tips & tricks, roadmaps or other useful tools which help you implement the newly gained information into your own situation and work environment.

Social involvement

Beeckestijn helps various charitable organisations with the innovation of their marketing and communication. How? By sharing our knowledge, in a number of partnerships. For instance, by developing engaging plans and sound advice for charitable organisations, in collaboration with students of Beeckestijn. Successful strategies and campaigns have been created in digital marketing, social media, customer experience management… for a host of different charities such as Natuurmonumenten, Vogelbescherming, Nierstichting, Vlinderstichting, Cordaid, ActionAid, SIRE and SOS Kinderdorpen.

Beeckestijn doesn’t just support charities. Beeckestijn also works for other public institutions like the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Lakenhal Museum (onderdeel Rijksmuseum) and the Gelders Orkest.


Beeckestijn Business School likes to share its knowledge and offer its involvement in helping these foundations reach their goals. We help by contributing our knowledge, offering financial support and being a source of knowledge to the charities when they implement their projects. For our students, charitable work is a great way to use their freshly minted knowledge in practice. For our ‘client’ it is a fantastic opportunity to innovate and to change its way of thinking and working, and to reach its goals in an innovative new way.

The future? We’re always open to new charitable and public projects. We gladly contribute to the success of these organisations.

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