acknowledgement & accreditation

Regulation from the dutch Government

The dutch government regulates and accredits regular bachelor education and academic education. Several entities have been set up to draw up the regulations and enforce them, for example by assessment panels. The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) is the only organization recognized by the government and is responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the Dutch and Flemish higher education programs.

Post-HBO, bachelor, master and doctoral education in the form of post-master and post-bachelor education is not accredited by the government. In order for a study program to be accredited by the government, subsidies and college funds options must also exist. MBA programs and NIMA programs are also not accredited by the government. There are organizations active outside the government that grant certain MBA programs the status of accreditation.

keurm nrto

Beeckestijn Business School meets the quality requirements of the NRTO quality mark, awarded by the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO - Dutch website)

CRBKO geregistreerde instelling

Beeckestijn Business School has a CRKBO registration (Central Register of Short Vocational Education) from the government and is included in this central register. The quality audit for inclusion in this register was performed by Lloyds. This registration allows Beeckestijn to invoice its participants VAT-free (if desired).

Industry recognitions and partnerships

Our programmes are recognized by the dutch marketing sector organization Platform Innovation in Marketing (PIM). PIM has been involved with Beeckestijn Business School since 2005 and supervises the quality and content of the programmes.

Life long learning is of great importance for marketing and communication professionals. That is why Beeckestijn Business School also works closely with (members of) other trade associations such as Platform for Customer-oriented Entrepreneurship (PVKO), MOA and DDMA. In this way we ensure that our programmes are up to date and of great quality. 

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