From Digital Marketing to Digital Business in B2B

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We are thrilled to invite you to our clinic 'From Digital Marketing to Digital Business in B2B' by Hans Molenaar.


Marketing departments in B2B organizations are under pressure to embrace digital channels and digital marketing techniques to find connected consumers. Today, customer experience and digital marketing are top priortity in the B2C arena but not yet within B2B. Digital Marketing is a critical step towards digital business. Learn from the latest developments within leading B2B organizations who incorpoarte digital capabilities within their product and service offerings.

About Hans

Hans is founder and director of Beeckestijn Business School. He is active as a chairman of the PIM Marketing Literature Prize and Marketing Thesis Prize. In the past, he had b2b marketing and sales management positions in large corporates (such as AT&T, NCR and Royal Bank of Scotland) and startups (Novis, 404-network, Selligent, E-banking solutions and Hanco).

Hans Molenaar Directeur Beeckestijn Business School

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What is a clinic?

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All our clinics are free to attend.

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Do you also provide Dutch clinics?

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