Growth Marketing in 2021

Date and location:

We are thrilled to invite you to our first international webinar 'Growth Marketing in 2021' by Chris Out. 

What can you expect?

Get a behind-the-scenes look into the latest growth tools and frameworks to make the most out of these challenging times. Where are the untapped opportunities, and what can you do as a leader to get the most out of it with your team. In 90 minutes, internationally recognized growth expert Chris Out will guide you through this world. You will leave with actionable insights and a plan of action for your next step in growth marketing. 

Chris Out Digital Marketing Expert Beeckestijn Business School

About Chris Out

After failing at multiple startups, Chris discovers the world of growth marketing. He successfully launched one of the world's best growth hacking agencies, which he sold in 2020. Now he's teaching the latest concepts in growths and is an active investor in some potentil startups. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clinic?

A clinic is an 1,5 hour webinar in which experts share their knowledge. We believe in sharing knowledge. The information presented is directly appliable to your situation. You will receive practical tips, how-to’s or checklists.

What are the costs?

All our clinics are free to attend.

What time is the clinic?

The time depends per clinic. The time on our website is always in the time zone of Amsterdam & Paris ( UTC +1).

When will I receive the login details for the live stream?

You will receive the login details on the day before the clinic (end of the day). We will also send you an email just before the start to participate in the live stream immediately.

Is the clinic today and have you not received the live stream data? Let us know via our chat and we will send you the login details immediately.

Do you also provide Dutch clinics?

Yes, we have a broad offer in Dutch clinics. Do you speak Dutch and want to know more? View our agenda here.