Sustainable marketing: insights, strategies and action for a better tomorrow

Date and location:

We are happy to invite you to the free clinic 'Sustainable marketing: insights, strategies and action for a better tomorrow' by Muriel Arts & Durk Bosma.

Motivating consumers to make sustainable choices is not an easy task. After all, it’s mainly about the interest of the planet and society, how to make those relevant for your consumers?


Sustainability specialists Muriel Arts and Durk Bosma, pave the way you how to be successful with sustainable marketing and brands. Highly relevant consumer insights and a marketing strategy aligning the needs of consumers, company & brands and society and the planet. A Triple win! Impactful cases,  how to get the right insights in a smart way and real-life examples will empower you to start using these.

Key questions which will be addressed:

  • How is sustainable marketing different from consumers driven marketing?
  • How to keep the consumer at the center of sustainable marketing?
  • What different personas do we see in relation to at sustainable behavior?
  • Which tools are suitable to influence consumer behavior?
  • How to translate your organization's sustainability goals into concrete marketing activities with impact?


For marketers, insights managers, sustainability managers and policy makers who experience that sustainability becomes increasingly important in their job.

About Muriel Arts

Muriel Arts is founder and CEO of IMPACTING Today, business & brands for a better tomorrow. Muriel started her career at Unilever where she worked for 15 years in various positions around the world in sales, marketing, and innovation. Next, she worked 10 years is CMO and CSO jobs at Grolsch, KPN and Talpa Media network. The Triple Win approach, creating impact for business, customer and planet & society is a tangible result of learnings in her jobs. And of 8 years of research in practice and theory (RSM Erasmus University) how to make sustainable marketing successful in practice and working with more than 50 businesses and brands over the globe

Muriël Arts

About Durk Bosma

Durk Bosma is a core lecturer at Beeckestijn and founder of the Future of Food Institute. His field of expertise is market research and he has specialized in sustainable food. With his Future of Food Institute, he offers marketers indispensable insights into the motivations and barriers of the sustainable consumer.

Durk Bosma - docent & spreker


  • Sign up for this free clinic from Beeckestijn Business School
  • The clinic will be held from 14:00 till 15:30 (2:00 PM - 3:30 PM) - UTC +1
  • The clinic can be followed via a live stream
  • Prior to the clinic you will receive an email with more information


Vrijdag 26 november is het Green Friday, ook bij Beeckestijn 🌳! Bij ons vind je op Green Friday dan ook geen kortingsacties. Samen met Trees for All en vele anderen planten we bomen via duurzame bosprojecten in Nederland en Vietnam. Ga jij ook op Groen? Voor elke aanmelding voor de clinic Sustainable Marketing planten we een extra boom, dus meld je snel aan!