The 5 reasons to start a course now

Great that you are considering taking a course! It is a gift to yourself. To get you more excited, we would like to tell you the 5 most important reasons to start. 

1. A gift to yourself

Following a course immediately gives you more knowledge and inspiration. You will learn a lot from the best experts. In doing so, you'll build up a valuable network that, in addition to the experts, also consists of your fellow group members, whom can make your learning experience better.

Self-employed or just in-between jobs? No problem. That photo of you with the diploma will soon be going viral on social. Many before you have found great assignments or new jobs here.

2. It helps your employer

The programs are designed to pay for itself quickly. After the program, your employer has more in-house knowledge and is less dependent on agencies or external parties. You are also a happier employee, after all your employer has invested in you. And the most important advantage for your employer is that you leave the program with a practical action plan. This has been examined by experts and has a direct impact on your business. For example, your plan could yield more leads, upgrade the customer journey or sharpen data insights.

3. The material in the courses is very up-to-date and practical

At Beeckestijn Business School you only get lectures from the best experts from the field. This ensures that the material in the lectures is very up-to-date. The teachers enjoy sharing their passion and knowledge. You will leave the course completely up-to-date and with a lot of new knowledge and insights guaranteed! The material is adjusted based on the group and therefore has a personal touch. 

To ensure that the lectures get graded with a minimum of 8+ we evaluate continuously. 

4. It is easy to combine with work and a busy private life

We understand that you are busy with work and your private life. That is why we have set up the courses in such a way that it can be easily combined with your daily live. You can opt for an evening or day course at a location that suits you. You complete the training in 6 to 12 dayparts. In addition, you will work on a live case during the casedag and develop an action plan in your own time.

5. Beeckestijn is the authority in the field of digital, marketing, data, CX and communication

Beeckestijn Business School is often selected as a preferred supplier, both national and international. Mainly because of the personal attention and the quality of the teachers. We train about 1000 professionals every year and offer many extras for our alumni. With a recognized Beeckestijn diploma, you are quickly ahead 1-0.

Hopefully this will inspire you to get started! Choosing the right programme is an important choice. We are happy to help you find the best suiting course. You can reach us via or +31 (0) 88-1474100.

We wish you lots of new knowledge and fun!

Team Beeckestijn.