Futureproof with the right knowledge en skills

Managing agencies and external parties, you can be quite busy with it. Being too dependent on agencies or external consultants is expensive and inefficient. Meanwhile, the digitization of marketing, customer contact and services is going faster than ever because of Covid-19. To be able to keep up with this development, having the right knowledge and skills in-house is a must for long-term success. Beeckestijn Business School has researched what knowledge and skills an organization needs to be future-proof.

You can use the checklists below to check whether your organization is future proof or discover which knowledge and skills are missing. 

Top 10 future proof knowlegde

1. Develop distinctive propositions
What products and services can you create to make your customer's life easier, better or more fun? The ability to develop and market good value prospositions is essential to remain relevant.

2. Knowledge of all digital marketing channels
An increasing part of every customer journey, both business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and non-profit, takes place online. You therefore need above-average knowledge of SEO, SEA, social, CRO, platforms e-mail and automation.

3. Building a strong brand in a digital world
It is beter to be in charge of your branddesign and promotion rather than outsourcing it. 

4. Customer value management and building customer profiles
Do you have enough insight into who your best customers are? Do you know how to play the game of margin and volume yourself?

5. Creating distinctive content
It is not difficult to post content on your social channels, any freelancer can create a content calendar for you. But if you want to do more than just take up on National Pizza Day, it is good to invest in being able to make great content yourself. Relevant content will really add value for your organisation. 

6. Customer experience across all channels
The danger within any organization is that everyone operates their own field or channel. But do you have the qualities have an overall look at customer experience across all channels?

7. Knowledge of marketing technology and tooling
With ongoing digitization, more and more technology and tools arise (such as Software-as-a-Service). It can save you a lot of time and money and helps you do your work better. 

8. Being able to draw up 'metrics that matter'
To be as agile as possible, you want to focus on the right things. Nothing is more dangerous than steering on 'vanity metrics', such as likes. Do you have the knowledge to translate your organization goals into relevant goals per department? Then you've already won half the world.

9. To be able to separate wheat from chaff when it comes to new trends and applications
Does investing in AI-driven hologams add something for your business or your customer? With the lightning-fast development of new techniques, the need to make the right choices has also increased. This requires the right knowledge about digital trends and applications.

10. Building agile teams
There are currently a lot of agile and business coaches around. They do important work, but real success starts with having in-house knowledge about how to set up and manage agile organizations.

Tomorrow's winners not only have the right knowledge, but above all the right culture. It's good to check whether the top 5 skills listed below are sufficiently present in your team.


winning team

Top 5 future proof skills

  1. Sharp strategic thinking
  2. Return on investment (ROI), Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and financial drive
  3. Curiosity
  4. Creativity
  5. Test quickly, learn and dare to make mistakes

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