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"I could immediately implement the Digital Marketing plan that I wrote for my employer."
Brendan Dekker
Marketing manager bij TimeChimp

Brendan Dekker (38) is a marketing manager at TimeChimp and followed the post-master program Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership (the Dutch version). FONK (a Dutch magazine) interviewed him about his experience with Beeckestijn: "On forehand I had my reservations about online learning."

"I want to keep developing myself, especially in the continuously changing field of marketing in which I work. What you learned yesterday may no longer be relevant today. Moreover, I grew both on a personal level and in my work. "

Brendan Dekker

Practical knowledge

Can your learned knowledge be directly applied in practice?
'Sure! That was also one of the reasons why I specifically chose this program. I was able to implement the Digital Marketing Plan that I wrote for my employer TimeChimp immediately. "

What else would you like to learn?
"There are still so many things in the field of marketing in which I would like to develop myself. For example in the field of the Customer Journey, Conversion optimization, Analytics and SEA. I am working to develop myself in these fields on a daily basis, after all, standing still is going backwards. "

Brendan's tip

‘Developing yourself does not always have to be through a course or training, but it can also be done by listening to podcasts, reading blogs, following webinars, etcetera. The advantage of a course like this is the interaction with classmates and the excellent supervision and lectures by teachers from the field. I can recommend it to anyone in any case.'

Added value

Does your employer encourage knowledge development? And if so, how?
"TimeChimp certainly stimulates knowledge development. Everyone can take unlimited courses through Udemy and when you come across an interesting book, this book will be ordered for you and placed in our bookcase. They also invested in this course, because they saw the added value for the company. "

How did online learning go?
"Beforehand, I had my reservations about online learning, especially because I thought it would be nice to be able to brainstorm with other students. But in practice it turned out that the online course days were easy to follow and that the contact with fellow students was good. I would certainly welcome a combination of online and on-site in the future. "

This interview was previously published in Fonk 292 - summer 2020

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