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About the course Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership

"The two courses I followed at Beeckestijn gave me a lot of new insights."
Madhu Mathoera
Owner and strategist at BE(E) Consultancy

“I worked as a senior formula manager at ING for two years, where I was responsible for the customer experience at the offices. A reorganization gave me the opportunity to follow two courses at Beeckestijn! Beeckestijn was recommended to me by a colleaguee. My choice for the Customer Experience course was an obvious one: I had already gained work experience with customer satisfaction and wanted to delve further into this. Digital Marketing seemed like a good addition for my own company that I was starting.”


“My passion for customer journey mapping came early on. During my part-time job in the stationery department of a large department store, I thought it was important to think along with the customer. How can I offer the customer something that really suits him or her?”


“I found both courses equally interesting, but especially the post-bachelor course Customer Experience Strategy & Organization (formerly Customer Experience & Multichannel Management) was a real party. The group of students turned out to be very nice. Everyone was very eager to learn and go in-depth. We had a nice connection with eachother which quickly resulted in a WhatsApp group. It was very inspiring to interact with people from different fields. I was really triggered to think much more out of the box.”

Ervaring van Madhu Mathoera van de twee opleidingen die zij heeft gevolgd

Digital Marketing

“Both courses have contributed to the start of my own company where I help others to increase their visibility both online and offline. Through the post-bachelors degree in Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership, I learned which tools and channels I can use best for my company and customers.”


“Thanks to the Customer Experience course, I started to think from the customer's perspective even more than before. So not only how you can find the customer, but also how the customer can find you. And I learned what the best way is to map your customer journey because I was still struggling with that. It is very nice that the teachers themselves all have a lot of practical experience. It has given me a lot of insights.”

Group assignment

“I followed the courses one after the other and therefore I found the study load to be fine. I followed the Customer Experience course in the evening and Digital Marketing during the day. I was able to combine lectures and homework well with my private life. I once did an MBA and it was much more intensive. In that respect, the final and group assignments at Beeckestijn are really a lot better!”

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