International lead experts

Meet our international lead-experts. We are happy to introduce these experts to you. Each one of them have earned their spurs in their own field of expertise. During the sessions they will inspire you with new knowledge and field examples. 

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Tom de Ruyck, expert lead at beeckestijn business school

Tom de Ruyck - 🇧🇪 - Tech & innovation expert lead
As a managing partner at InSites Consulting Tom helps companies connecting with and understanding customers. In addition to his work as a consultant, he speaks at events worldwide about marketing and technology. He is also on the board of several associations and start-ups as an advisor or investor.

Bart Meerdink | Docent | Beeckestijn Business School

Bart Meerdink - 🇳🇱 - Digital Strategy expert lead 
Bart is managing partner at Beeckestijn and Digital Strategist. He has a broad background in digital marketing and enjoys social media, customer experience and smart conversational applications. Bart is one of our (Dutch and international) expert leads for our digital marketing courses. 

Joost Drieman | Docent | Beeckestijn Business School

Joost Drieman - 🇳🇱 - Data driven expert lead
Joost is Vice President & Head of Intelligence Best Practices at M-Brain Global where he is globally responsible for intelligence consultancy. Joost has over 30 years of international experience in management, strategy and business development for Cisco, Getronics (KPN), Telindus and the European Community.

Carmen Philips - Docent Beeckestijn Business School

Carmen Philips - 🇬🇧 - Branding expert lead
Carmen Phillips (founder On Purpose Management) works as a business coach and change manager. She focuses on management issues in the field of purpose, customer experience management, performance and personal development.

Frans Riemersma, Martech expert lead at Beeckestijn

Frans Riemersma - 🇳🇱 - Martech expert lead
Marketing technology is Frans’ playing field. He is the founder of MartechTribe. During the years he has designed marketing technology solutions for companies such as HP, Adidas, Unilever, AbnAmro and IKEA.

Sonja Loth

Sonja Loth - 🇳🇱 - Social Media expert lead
Sonja Loth is co-owner and director of Social Inc. Social Inc. helps to build real, strong and lasting relationships trough communities, content and social media. As director at Social.Inc, frequent speaker, columnist for RTLZ, she has made here mark in the creative industry. Sonja is also on the advisory board of the IncludeNow foundation.

Alex Dowdalls, digital expert lead

Alex Dowdalls - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - AI & Blockchain expert lead
Alex is founder and partner at AXVECO BV and helps customers to innovate their business model through the use of digital technologies such as AI and blockchain. In addition to his consultancy activities, Alex is a well-known platform speaker, teaches at various training institutes and is a start-up mentor at Yes! Delft - the innovation platform of the TU Delft.

Hans Molenaar Directeur Beeckestijn Business School

Hans Molenaar - 🇳🇱 - CX strategy expert lead 
Hans is founder and director of Beeckestijn Business School. He is active as a chairman of the PIM Marketing Literature Prize and Marketing Thesis Prize. In the past, he had b2b marketing and sales management positions in large corporates (such as AT&T, NCR and Royal Bank of Scotland) and startups (Novis, 404-network, Selligent, E-banking solutions and Hanco).