Digital Marketing Trendreport 2023

2022: a year in which geopolitical developments directly impacted the marketing field. A war in mainland Europe, inflation at record heights and increasing concerns about climate change. Rising (raw materials) rates are taking a big chunk of your margins, and the long delivery times also negatively affect customer expectations. Meanwhile, Big Tech stock has plummeted in market value, and the first lay-offs in the software sector are a fact. As (digital) marketers, we are moving in a turbulent world. Geopolitical developments also influence our jobs.  What are the most important trends and developments voor 2023? 

We want to be less dependent on unpredictable algorithms devised by Big Tech and invest more in our own data and customer relationships. What are the right strategies to gather 1st party data? Social media is restless; the rise of short videos and focus on creators is crushing your content strategy. Social media has become entertainment and product discovery. Algorithms are constantly changing. And what influence do the visions of Mark Z. and Elon M. have on your strategy?

In recession times, it’s extra essential to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. But the classic conversion attribution models are also under pressure. Is Media Mix Modeling a viable alternative? How can we find the right mix of channels in this new world without cookies?  

It is professional suicide when you don’t dive into the tech & tools with which you can map out the ideal customer journey and optimise and measure it. In 2023, we will transition to Google Analytics 4, which is much techier than the well-known Google Universal. And how will we smartly use AI and build relevant audiences?

Meanwhile, as marketers, we need to face the music. There’s a limit to what our world can cope with in terms of consumerism. In what way does your product or service contribute to a better planet? More accountability about your place in the chain is expected and demanded. There’s no more sugar-coating.  

This rapport goes through all these trends. Created by analysing 100+ digital strategies of various  B2B, B2C, corporates and SMEs and supported by international research and three interviews with market experts.

Digital Marketing trends 2023

1   From attribution model to Media Mix Modeling
2   Creators dominate Social Media; more entertainment and product search
3   The non-tech marketer will become extinct, also in B2B!
4   The hunt for your login and 1st party data
5   Responsibility for a sustainable chain 

We wish lots of fun reading and hope you get inspired!