How to create a digital marketing roadmap in 5 steps

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We are thrilled to invite you to our clinic 'How to create a digital marketing roadmap in 5 steps' by Bart Meerdink.

Digital transformation: from hype to added value

Once upon a time there was an online marketer who was given more and more tasks and responsibilities. Her role once started with translating a TV campaign into online (banners and blogs). The marcom department was leading and online was the closing item. That slowly changed. Where the value of online increased, the offline results lagged behind.

In the meantime, there was one hype after another. Shouldn't they make a Google Action for Voice? Couldn't AI help them with ... Yeah, with what? Did they have to sell through their own webshop or in the sea with Amazon? Many possibilities, many new techniques. As a result, you can get lost in all the hypes.

Digital is increasingly in the lead for the entire marketing strategy. But budgets and resources are limited. It is therefore important to make the right choices and to have focus.

What can you expect?

This clinic will help you draw up a digital marketing roadmap. You will receive templates that you can fill in for your own company or department. The strength of the roadmap is that you make it as concrete as possible and actionable. No vague general strategy with buzzwords, just go to work.

Bart Meerdink | Docent | Beeckestijn Business School

About Bart Meerdink

Bart Meerdink is managing partner and teacher at Beeckestijn. He has a broad background in digital marketing and has helped many companies shape and execute the strategy. Innovation, social media, growth hacking and digital applications that deliver real value makes him the happiest

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