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The latest trends and tools in AI
How AI helps you to decide faster and better
Very practical: you can make AI work directly for you
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First start date: 3 June, 2024
1 day or 2 evenings
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€ 795,- Excl. VAT
Amsterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Eindhoven, Leusden, Utrecht

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AI Prompting & Tools

It is fascinating how fast (generative) AI is developing. The technology is rapidly being integrated into existing tools and processes. Much of the standard work and content creation is becoming partly automated. Alongside the explosion of tools, the importance of the right 'prompting' is increasing. What command do you give and how do you optimise it? How does the technology behind it work and how do you get the best results from the tools? Generative AI can help enormously in your daily work, from standard work processes, content creation to data analysis. The output is as good as your input.

After this 1-day training, you will know how to create smart prompts within tools like ChatGPT, midjourney and many others. You will learn how to get the best output and which tools are most suitable for you. You will actively work on assignments that will give you valuable output immediately.

In 1 day you learn

✔️ The latest developments within (generative) AI
✔️ How to write smart prompts to generate text, video, image and audio
✔️ Smart prompts to organise your work smarter
✔️ Which tools are right for you
✔️ To use colour functionally
✔️ The ethical dilemmas and risks that come with AI

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This training is for any professional who wants to work smarter using (generative) AI. It helps if you already have access to one or more tools yourself.


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experts from the field

Beeckestijn Business School works with outstanding experts with a lot of experience within the field they operate in. This way our lessons are a mix of theory and practice, and we use inspiring cases and examples from the field.


Alex Dowdalls

Alex Dowdalls is founder and partner at AXVECO BV and helps customers innovate their business models by deploying digital technologies such as AI and blockchain.

Charida Dorder
Charida Dorder is author of the book AI in marketing. She has been working in the marketing profession for 10+ years and founder of AI in Marketing, focusing on making AI accessible.

why Beeckestijn

✔️ You are guaranteed to make impact
✔️ Practical application and 100% experts from the field
✔️ You will build a valuable network
✔️ Your growth comes first, we go far for that
✔️ Satisfaction guarantee or money back
✔️ Possibility to pay in instalments

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Topics during the training AI prompting & tools.

  • Introduction to AI prompting & tools
  • AI Text content creation (including assignment)
  • AI Image content creation (including assignment)
  • AI Audio content creation (including assignment)
  • AI Video content creation (including assignment)
  • Ethics and risks and how to deal with them

Each assignment builds on the previous assignment.


After the training you will receive a certificate of participation.


Capelle aan den IJssel
Capelle aan den IJssel
  • Please indicate your preferred location when registering.
  • This training is offered both during the day (1 day + 1 online comeback session) and in the evening (2 evenings).


Total investment 795,-
  • This price does not include VAT
  • Including coffee, tea and lunch 

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