Data Visualisation

Make data & complex information insightful
Learn the dos & don’ts of data visualisation
Structure reports, chapters and paragraphs according to the Pyramid Principle
Organise visual elements in your document
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First start date: 16 September, 2024
1 day
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€ 795,- Excl. VAT
Amsterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Eindhoven, Leusden, Utrecht

General information

It’s a challenge to bring data and information together and communicate this info so that it can make an impact. The training Data Visualisation will discuss all the important guidelines for creating reports, presentations and dashboards.

The guidelines and principles are independent of any tools or documents and can be applied throughout your career. You can directly apply your newly gained knowledge to your own work. 

In 1 day you learn

✔️ How to optimize a data visualisation
✔️ Avoid visual distractions
✔️ To direct the attention of your audience
✔️ Organising the visual elements in your document
✔️ To use colour functionally
✔️ Identifying patterns in data

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The training is suited for anyone who makes reports, presentations and  dashboards. For this training, we expect the skills level of a bachelor's degree holder.


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experts from the field

Beeckestijn Business School works with outstanding experts with a lot of experience within the field they operate in. This way our lessons are a mix of theory and practice, and we use inspiring cases and examples from the field.


Robert van Ossenbruggen

Robert van Ossenbruggen supports organisations in building bridges between the world of data, models and statistics with the world of marketing. 

why Beeckestijn

✔️ You are guaranteed to make impact
✔️ Practical application and 100% experts from the field
✔️ You will build a valuable network
✔️ Your growth comes first, we go far for that
✔️ Satisfaction guarantee or money back
✔️ Possibility to pay in instalments

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The program consists of the following parts:

  • The importance of System 1 information processing
  • The KISS-principle
  • How to work with a visual hierarchy
  • Guidelines for layout and effective use of colour
  • Which visualisation suits which type of data
  • How to visualise a lot of data points simultaneously
  • Vertical and horizontal logic


After the training you will receive a certificate of participation.


Capelle aan den IJssel
Capelle aan den IJssel


Total investment 795,-
  • This price does not include VAT
  • Including coffee, tea and lunch 

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"Very inspiring, with many useful and recognizable examples. Data will never be the same again. Everything I've learned is directly applicable in my work."

Source; Beeckestijn Evaluation, spring 2023
"The right basics, but I missed more practice with the material and the information about which visualisation fits which type of data."

Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, fall 2022
"Great training!"

Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, fall 2022
"Practical application and a good addition to presentation skills."

Gea Krechting
Source; Beeckestijn Evaluation, fall 2022
"Surprisingly simple insights with which you learn to respond better to your audience."

Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, fall 2022
''Very clear training. There was enough time to go through and practice all elements, also with each other. There was sufficient interaction, so that the material is easy to keep up with."

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
''Recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate data more effectively.''

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
''Learned a lot during the data visualisation training. I have received new tools and I'm excited to change my boring reports completely.''

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
''The data visualization training helped me to communicate data more effectively by better visualisation. You learn to help your audience by understanding that the story and the conclusion you draw from the data can be clearly translated into understandable, easy graphs.''

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
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