Incompany programs

There are new developments every day within digital, customer experience, marketing, communication & data. Whether it concerns junior or senior professionals, it is essential to have the right knowledge and skills. This makes you as a company less dependent on agencies and external parties and ensures that your employees can switch more quickly and make better-founded choices and decisions. Investing in knowledge is highly valued by employees.

Invest in knowlegde 

Beeckestijn Business School's in-company programmes are current and of a high standard with the best experts and trainers. Plenty of interaction, smart working methods and working on individual cases or assignments guarantee the programme will have maximum impact on daily operations. 

All prorgammes from our portfolio can be organized specifically for your team or organization at your preferred location. This will enable you to train your employees quickly, efficiently and result-driven to the same level of knowledge.​

Follow a training course with your colleagues or tackle your specific issue or challenge with customized solutions.

  • Training tailored to your organization and industry
  • Taught by the best subject matter experts with extensive practical experience as a teacher experience
  • Application in practice for the optimal learning effect
  • Lots of interaction, smart working methods and working on your own cases
  • Development of knowledge and skills at all levels: from basic to advanced
  • Continue evaluation for best results
  • Possible from 5 participants

An in-company programme with Beeckestijn 

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ideal model

Our IDEAL framework

Need for customisation? Based on our IDEAL framework, we design & implement a program that matches the wishes of your company.

In addition to customization, we also offer all our regular training courses and courses as in-company.

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What is in it for your company?


  • Differences in level are equalized: Participants develop a common vision & mutual communication is improved.
  • More in house knowledge: The participants learn new knowledge & skills that can be used directly in the organization. And therefore less dependent on agencies / departments.
  • Advice and tips: Participants present issues to teachers and colleagues during the training. This means that the knowledge is immediately applied and the investment immediately recouped.
  • # Sharing knowledge: Our goal is that participants share their knowledge during and after the training. This improves mutual cooperation, not only within but also between departments.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: Employees see it as recognition that the employer invests in them, which translates into more motivated and committed employees who commit to you longer.
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E-learning Digital Academy

Blended learning through our innovative Digital Academy.

We offer blended learning. By offering preparatory e-learning, level differences between participants are equalized and there is more room within the classroom sessions for depth, interaction and application in practice. This allows you to achieve the optimal learning effect in a short time.

  • Laatste trends & ontwikkelingen op het gebied van digital marketing, customer experience, communicatie en data
  • Combinatie van video's, additionele literatuur, quizzen en opdrachten
  • Certificaat na succesvolle afronding
  • Eenvoudig te integreren binnen je eigen LMS via LTI of Remote SCORM

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We have already developed many successful in-company and custom programs. Want to know more about this? Please feel free to contact program manager Marc van den Boom

+ 31 (0) 88 147 4100

Marc van den Boom, programma manager bij Beeckestijn