A digital knowledge update for a.s.r.


Challenge a.s.r

Developments within the financial services industry in the digital field are proceeding at lightning speed. No field has as many active startups as Fintech. a.s.r wanted to have the latest digital knowledge in-house.


The training was not only meant to inspire and motivate employees, but also provide them with direct applicable knowledge. Digital thinking had to become embedded.

After completing the training, they were expected to be able to develop and implement digital marketing plans or partial plans within the organisation. Plans should both contribute to a better digital experience and lead to a good business case.   


A tailor-made blended learning solution aimed at financial services, both B2B and B2C. Consisting of e-learning, 10 classroom meetings and intensive guidance to immediately apply the knowledge in practice.


  • An increased level of digital literacy
  • Better able to compete with other financial service providers. 
  • A number of concrete digital business plans that will be launched immediately.
  • Mutual collaboration has been improved so that employees are better able to connect with each other. 
“The training was given by a good selection of experts from the market. The tightly designed evaluation process ensured that we were always aware of the results and that adjustments could be made where necessary. We really got "value for money". "
Alexander van Loon
Deputy director of private marketing a.s.r.