Step into the world of Artificial Intelligence

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We are happy to invite you to our webinar: Step into the world of Artificial Intelligence by Alex Dowdalls

“AI will not replace humans, but those who use AI are replacing those who don’t”

On September 10th, Alex Dowdalls of Axveco will be running the successful AI clinic to help you understand what AI is and how this is transforming our world.  We will cover the basic concepts of AI, explore applications and view demo’s and then explore advanced applications such as recommender engines, visual image recognition, augmented reality and customer preference modelling.  We will also explore the ethics and risks of AI including Fake news and consumer manipulation.

At the end of the clinic you will build you own first AI model using automated machine learning – and ensure that you are prepared to survive in the new digital economy!

About Alex Dowdalls

Alex is founder and partner at AXVECO BV and helps clients to renew their businessmodel with the use of digital technologies, such as AI and blockchain. Besides his work as a consultant, Alex teaches for a number of eduacators, is a startup mentor with the innovationplatfrom of the University of Delft (TU Delft) and is a well known speaker. 

Alex Dowdalls, digital expert lead

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