Digital Marketing Trendreport 2024

2024 will bring us a new Dutch cabinet, elections in the US and hopefully more calm on the European continent. Apple will release its overpriced XR glasses, and AI has brought us to a new technological tipping point. Comparable to the invention of the microprocessor in 1971, the breakthrough of the commercial internet in the 90s, the start of Hyves and Facebook in 2004 and the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. All signs point to a significant shift for many industries because of AI, yet we still don’t know the exact applications. There is a battle for ideas at the top of governments and Big Tech. Is AI a public service or a lucrative way to more profit? Either way, 2024 will be the year for many new AI applications and companies. And the use of it during our daily tasks will be mainstream.

But the explosion of AI tools will also ensure a further downpour of low-quality content. The amount of media will grow, and it’s all driven by algorithms. How does this influence consumer behaviour, and how will companies keep spreading the message? How will you even measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts when more and more tracking options are disappearing?

With the domination of AI, we shouldn’t forget the core of digital marketing, offering an excellent customer experience and frictionless journeys that make your customers' lives easier, more fun, or better. Adding emotion to the customer journey will be a deciding factor in your digital success.

Meanwhile, we have to find a better balance between profit and planet. As a company, in the end, we should be giving more to society and the earth than we take. Growing towards a net positive profit model will be the norm.

Read all about these five trends in this new trend report, with many examples, three expert interviews and one AI cheat sheet.

digital marketing TRENDS 2024

1. Inflation of content and ads
2. AI as a co-pilot for your daily tasks
3. Frictionless journeyws with emotion
4. Even more media, all via the algorithm
5. CSRD works throughout the entire chain

We wish you lots of reading pleasure and inspiration!