Course types

Beeckestijn Business School develops and teaches various programmes, at different levels and of different duration. All our programmes have the same goal: to teach you all the ins & outs in the subject of your course in a relatively short period of time through an optimal mix of theory, strategy and practice. After completing the programme, you will have developed your own vision.

Course types

  • Post-master courses
  • Post-bachelor courses
  • Trainings
  • Incompany
  • E-learning
  • In Dutch we also offer Expert courses & Masterclasses

Post-Master programme

Our post-master programme aims to further deepen your knowledge and is suitable for professionals with extensive knowledge and experience within the field of the course.
View our post-master programme Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership

Post-Bachelor programmes

The post-graduate programmes are designed to quickly upgrade your knowledge and skills at a tactical level to become a professional within a certain field.
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Trainings are given around one specific subject and last one day to a maximum of 4 days.
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In-company programmes

All programmes from our Dutch and International portfolio can be organized (in English) specifically for your team or organization at the location and time of your choice.
Discover our In-company possibilities


With our Digital Marketing Academy you can update your knowledge in your own time and at your own pace.
Discover our e-learning

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Video (Dutch)

The video below explains our different Dutch course types. 

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