Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find a number of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers and / or a link to the page where you can find more information about the subject. Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you!

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What type of courses do you offer?
We offer different types of education & training at different levels. All our courses have the same goal: to teach you all the ins & outs in the subject of your training in a relatively short period of time through an optimal mix of theory, strategy and practice. Depending on your background, experience & career wishes, a particular education or training will suit you. View the differences between the types of training here.

Is pre-education and/or experience required to take a course?
A certain prior education is not compulsory for most programs. We do, however, assume (at least) bachelor work and thinking level to be able to successfully follow and complete a course. A bachelor or master diploma or relevant work experience is strongly recommended as a basis for successfully completing a post-master programme.

What does an actionplan include?
To successfully complete a course you’ll individually work on an actionplan. Completing this final assignment ensures an optimal translation of the lectures to your practical situation.You usually write the plan for your organization or client. Are you currently unemployed? Then we are happy to help you in the search for a client.

During the writing of the plan you will be supervised your teacher. You can ask your teacher for feedback, discuss your progress and check whether the plan contains all the necessary elements. During a final interview, at the end of the course, you discuss and defend the plan with two teachers. After the interview you will receive feedback about the plan, your defense and you will immediately receive your grade. This grade is part of your final grade.

How is my final grade structured?
In the post-bachelor and post-master courses, the final mark consists of your mark for the action plan and your mark for the (Harvard) Case Day. Your action plan counts for 75%.

Diploma and registery 

What does the registery contain?
After completing a post-master course with a final mark 7 or higher you will become a certified marketeer en be listed in the registery. Read more about the registery>

When do I get a diploma or certificate?
After completing your a post-master course you can obtain a diploma. In order to receive a diploma your must meet the following:

  • Get a pass (final mark of 5.5 or higher) for your action plan
  • An attendance of 80% at the lectures
  • If applicable: a satisfactory assessment for the group assignment

When you succesfully finish a post-bachelor or e-learning programme you will receive a certificate. 

Other questions

Can I register optionally?
Yes, it is possible to take a non-binding option with every course. An option is free and you are not committed to anything. If you take an option, we will keep a spot for you and notify you personally when a group reaches its maximum number.

Can I cancel my registration?
Yes, that's possible. Our general terms and conditions apply to cancellation.

Does Beeckestijn also offer incompany opportunities?
All courses & training courses from our open offer can also be organized specifically for your team or organization at the location and times of your choice. Read more about our in-company options here.

I have a complaint, where can I submit it?
If you follow a course with us, you can submit your complaint or feedback in aNewspring. Ofcourse you can also inform us of your complaint by e-mail or telephone