On this page you will find all the information regarding the investment in your course. 

Payment conditions

For a large number of our courses it is possible to pay in installments. The following conditions apply:

  • Possible for courses from € 1,000.
  • The terms are divided into maximum 4 equal monthly payments.
  • Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


EU residents (and companies)
  • You (or your employer, if they pay for the course) have a VAT identification number: You will receive an invoice with-out VAT. You are obligated to calculate your own VAT according to the rate that applies in your own county. And you must give us your VAT identification number in order to place it on the invoice.
  • You (or your employer) don't have a VAT identification number: You will receive an invoice with the Dutch VAT rates. The rates currently are 21% for tuition fee and 9% for books. 
Dutch residents (and companies) 

If you pay the course yourself or your employer can't reclaim VAT: you are exempt from paying VAT. Be aware: billing VAT free for organizations adds a cost-effective raise of 10%.

Are you a resident of a non-eu country? Please contact us for the applicable tax rules.

subsidy options

Most of the subsidy options we can offer are only applicable for Dutch students. We are also able tot offer Flemisch (Belgium) students a subsidy from the Belgium government. A overview of our subsidy options per country:

The Netherlands 

  • UWV Scholingsbudget
  • Scholingsregeling Blik Vooruit (Rijksoverheid)
  • Scholingstegoed textielbranche 
  • De Startversneller 

Learn more about these Dutch grants on our Dutch financing page.


  • KMO portefeuille 

Learn more about the KMO portfeuille (in Dutch)

Need help?

Do you want to know what applies to your personal situation? Please contact us, we are happy to help. 

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