Campaign Management

Creating successful campaigns: planning, set-up and implementation
Discover more about the different channels, audiences and technological developments
Learn how to set up, measure and evaluate a good campaign from strategy and funnel mindedness
Make a direct impact during the training by applying the theory to an existing campaign
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Course type
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First start date: 23 September, 2024
3 days
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€ 1.985,- Excl. VAT
Amsterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Eindhoven, Leusden, Online , Utrecht

General information

How to set up a campaign that puts you in total control? Start with a strategy using the available data and means to achieve your goals. Then translate this strategy (in collaboration with internal and external partners) into campaigns. Finally, measuring, evaluating, and optimising are all essential for the campaign's success.

During this practical Campaign Management training, you go through your campaign by following three steps. At the end of the course, you’ll have an optimised campaign and be able to set up an effective briefing for an agency. 

In 3 days you learn

✔️ Setting up a campaign from a strategic framework and not launch it as a standalone campaign
✔️ To effectively brief an agency about a campaign
 To be smart about using channels and tools, taking privacy and technological developments into account
 To measure and show results and evaluate whether a campaign is successful or not

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This training is suited for marketing and communication professionals that get into campaign management themselves or want to be able to discuss the strategies beforehand. The training fits any who wants to lay down a foundation for setting up and managing campaigns. For this training, we expect the skills level of a bachelor's degree holder.


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experts from the field

Beeckestijn Business School works with outstanding experts with a lot of experience within the field they operate in. This way our lessons are a mix of theory and practice, and we use inspiring cases and examples from the field.


Elias Crum

Elias Crum is the founder and CEO of Marketing Guys, a full-service agency focusing on marketing automation, programmatic advertising, conversion optimisation, and dashboarding. 

Mark van Horik

Mark van Horik is Strategic Marketing Consultant at Marketing Guys. He is also the co-founder of ProteQtor – a company that ensures secure work spots – and responsible for the marketing, host of the Cybersecurity Stories podcast.

why Beeckestijn

✔️ You are guaranteed to make impact
✔️ Practical application and 100% experts from the field
✔️ You will build a valuable network
✔️ Your growth comes first, we go far for that
✔️ Satisfaction guarantee or money back
✔️ Possibility to pay in instalments

Beeckestijn opleidingen gemiddeld beoordeeld met 8,3
Springest: 8.4/10 | Google reviews: 4.8/5    


The program consists of the following parts:

Day 1: Plan | Plan your campaign from a strategic framework

  • Goals
  • Target groups
  • Strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Channels
  • Conversion strategy and funnel (See-Think-Do-Care)

Day 2: Build | Set up your campaign

  • Setting up specific marketing campaigns

    • Goal and message
    • Audiences and channels
    • Measuring success
  • Best practices in social ads, landing pages, organic LinkedIn and TikTok, podcasting, email marketing & marketing automation, privacy and AI

Day 3: Execute | Execute your campaign, optimise and report

  • Optimise your campaign
  • Getting to work with making organic social media posts, (social) ad campaigns, a custom landing page or an email campaign
  • Reporting and evaluating campaigns


After the training you will receive a certificate of participation


Capelle aan den IJssel
Capelle aan den IJssel


Total investment 1985,-
  • This price does not include VAT
  • Including coffee, tea and lunch 

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"Interesting training with good practical examples. Also nice that we started working on a case ourselves that will actually be put live for a customer. This way you can immediately apply the knowledge you have gained in practice!"

Source: Springest
''A good training that takes you from A to Z into the world of campaigns, including on all kinds of current cases that are discussed.''

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
"The entire training was quite chaotic. Not only the training and the teacher, but also the communication around the training. The difference between the two teachers was therefore clearly noticeable. In many core scenarios for a good campaign to be able to guide them, they contradicted each other quite a bit. It's a pity that we didn't have Mark for the entire training. This quality was really much better."

Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"An instructive training with the right balance between theory and practice for both the novice and the experienced marketer."

Jessica Muller
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"In just three days, Mark and Elias told us all the ins and outs of campaign management with a focus on data and privacy. The great thing about the training was that it started with knowledge sharing about the latest trends, followed by practicing with the possibilities and up to finally realizing a campaign plan. Every student went home at the end with a campaign plan, provided with feedback. Great!"

Chantal Hesseling
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"The training has provided me with many valuable insights, ideas and practical to-do's. Many of them I can immediately apply in practice. I am looking forward to working with this new knowledge and with a fresh critical eye to improve existing campaigns and set up new campaigns in a smarter way for even better results.”

Maayke van Remmen
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
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