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Learn how to set up campaigns with Google Ads successfully
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The latest trends & developments in Google Ads
Develop a search engine advertising (SEA) strategy
Discover how to measure and optimise the success of your campaigns
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First start date: 11 September, 2024
2 days
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€ 1.295,- Excl. VAT
Amsterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Eindhoven, Leusden, Online , Utrecht

General information

The Google Ads training offers you all the latest know-how and insights about advertising via Google. You learn to set up a good search engine advertising (SEA) campaign and select the right keywords.  

Moreover, you learn how to implement and optimise campaigns by using all the possibilities that Google offers. Your newly acquired knowledge and skills will improve the searchability of your organisation or brand.

In 2 days you learn

✔️ The latest trends and developments in Google Ads 
✔️ Setting up and executing a SEA strategy based on analyses
✔️ Creating successful Google Ads campaigns and optimising these based on analyses

It’s not all theory, as you will learn how to apply it directly and can take the first steps to improve your SEA campaigns' effectiveness

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This training is for everyone who wants to implement Google Ads successfully and wants to learn to optimise based on the analytical insights of the campaigns. You want to broaden your existing knowledge and take a deep dive while learning how to apply it. For this training, we expect the skills level of a bachelor's degree holder.


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experts from the field

Beeckestijn Business School works with outstanding experts with a lot of experience within the field they operate in. This way our lessons are a mix of theory and practice, and we use inspiring cases and examples from the field.


Peter Maas

Peter Maas founded Grow Up Digital, a digital marketing agency that supports companies’ online growth. He has over ten years of experience in search marketing, online sales and lead generation.

Jeroen de Koning

Jeroen de Koning is Managing Director at digital performance marketing agency Fosby. He has 20 years of experience in online marketing. Jeroen has been giving training courses on Google Ads, SEO and Google Analytics. He's an enthusiastic and inspiring trainer and uses many practical examples.

Cheryl van Etten

Cheryl is founder and owner of Hummingbird Online Marketing. With her company, she supports entrepreneurs by setting up their online marketing projects (mainly SEO, SEA & Google Analytics projects) or bringing them to the next level.

why Beeckestijn

✔️ You are guaranteed to make impact
✔️ Practical application and 100% experts from the field
✔️ You will build a valuable network
✔️ Your growth comes first, we go far for that
✔️ Satisfaction guarantee or money back
✔️ Possibility to pay in instalments

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The program consists of the following parts:

Search advertising strategy and campaign set-up 

  • Trends & developments within Search
  • Search engine strategy
  • The ins & outs of Google and Bing
  • Keyword research and strategy
  • Structure, management and set-up of a Google Ads account
  • Keywords, ads and targeting
  • Application and implementation

Optimisation and advanced options

  • Analyse using Ads and Google Analytics
  • Conversion attribution
  • Google Display Network
  • Performance max (Pmax) campaigns 
  • Remarketing in display and search network
  • Google Shopping campaigns
  • Google Smart Bidding in Search and Shopping
  • Automation and tooling in Search and Shopping
  • Application and implementation


After the training you will receive a certificate of participation.


Capelle aan den IJssel
Capelle aan den IJssel


Total investment 1.295,-
  • This price does not include VAT
  • Including coffee, tea and lunch 

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"This Google Ads training was very instructive, because it is a nice combination of the tool and which strategic options there are to set up, evaluate and optimize your ads. You combine theory with practical exercises and go home with clear instructions, so that you can do it yourself."

Jordan van den Broeke
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"Very informative."

Linda Wijst
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"Good training for beginners."

Jasper Bosma
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"I have a very positive experience with this training. Learned a lot about Google ads."

Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"Good training. Sometimes it went a little too fast for a Google Ads-beginner like me."

Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"I've experienced this as a very instructive and professional training. Learned a lot from it and will certainly recommend the training to others."

Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"The training was very pleasant, nice atmosphere, neatly arranged, and the breaks between the tough theory were very nice. The theory and the assignment were also great!"

Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"Good training and pleasant teacher. The training has given me tools to further discover Google Ads and to get started."

Gabriëlla de Groot
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"Whether you are a beginner or a bit further with Google ads, Jeroen organizes it in such a way that everyone learns from it."

Daan Hoffman
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"You learn the basics of Google Ads in 2 days and are invited to taste the more specialized part."

Marnix de Jong
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"It was a good training."

Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
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