All the experts at Beeckestijn have a lot of experience within their field. Entrepreneurs, consultants, authors and researchers... in short: the top of the market. 

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Our Dutch expert leads: 

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Bart Meerdink | Docent | Beeckestijn Business School

Bart Meerdink is managing partner at Beeckestijn and Digital Strategist. He has a broad background in digital marketing and enjoys social media, customer experience and smart conversational applications. Bart is one of our (Dutch and international) expert leads for our digital marketing courses. 

Sonja Stalfoort

Sonja Stalfoort is the owner of PuurKlant, a strategic marketing agency. Every day she focuses on making organizations truly distinctive. Sonja is one of our customer experience lead experts. 

Robert van Ossenbruggen

With his company Inzicht & Impact, Durk Bosma helps clients to successfully use market research. He has earned his spurs as a market researcher on both the agency and client side. He is enthusiastic about research questions that require a pragmatic approach. Durk is one of our data expert leads. 

Eric de Haan docent bij de opleiding Service Excellence

Eric de Haan is founder / director of Seven and specializes in management of customer value, customer service and customer complaints and helps organizations to integrally develop their customer sensitivity and complaints management. Eric is one of our Service Excellence expert leads. 

Jean-Pierre Thomassen docent bij Beeckestijn Business School

Jean-Pierre Thomassen works as an independent consultant at He specializes in the themes of customer focus, customer satisfaction, service excellence and customer delight. Jean-Pierre is is one of our Service Excellence expert leads. 

Sonja Loth

Sonja Loth has extensive experience as a strategist and business developer and is the founder of SOCIAL.INC. She currently works as Freelance Strategy Director and interim Head of Communication for D66, Techniek Nederland, Eneco, De Nederlandsche Bank and GH+O Communicatie, among others.


Hielko van der Molen is a digital strategist and interim digital marketing manager. He has years of experience in operational management and improvement of online environments. He shares his experience as a trainer, coach and teacher. He is one of our digital marketing experts and the lead lecturer for our Dutch Digital Marketing Talentship.


Jasper Ordelman over employee branding bij Beekestijn

Jasper Ordelman is a brand and communication strategist at Hugo Strategy, the strategic communication agency he founded in 2009. Jasper specializes in brand positioning, identity and employer branding. As an independent communication strategist, he has seen and helped more than 50 organizations.

Margot van der Stap

Margot van der Stap is Manager Customer Team Content at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. She has successfully led various innovative projects and built and managed new communities at multinationals, central government and industry organizations. Margot is is one of our online communication expert leads. 

Kees Kerkvliet, docent bij beeckestijn business school

Kees Kerkvliet is Managing Director and owner of TOTE-M and is happy to share his rich knowledge and experience in the field of Customer Experience. By translating insights and theories into everyday examples, he knows how to fascinate and inspire his audience. Kees is one of our customer experience lead experts. 

Marco Boone docent bij Beeckestijn Business School

Marco Boone has worked as a marketer in the FMCG industry for over 13 years. He has been responsible for the marketing of brands such as Remia, Campina, Edet, Jozo and Bolletje. Since 2008 he is an independent Online Marketing & Communication consultant under the name Marketing Rulz. Marco is one of our digital marketing expert leads. 

Hans van der Meulen | docent | Beeckestijn Business School

Hans van der Meulen is chairman of the Digital Marketing Lounge foundation and partner at Conn3ctly. He has gained (online) marketing experience at companies such as Sony, Dell and the Amsterdam RAI. In addition, he has worked on the agency side for, among others, Inpact, Red Hot Minute and Lost Boys. Hans is one of our digital marketing expert leads. 


Marcel Aalders

Marcel Aalders let you look at your current brand differently and helps you make it meaningful again for the world of today. He specializes in brand positioning issues and how to translate them into the most effective (online) marketing strategy. As an (interim) marketing director and consultant with over 25 years of experience, he led numerous repositioning projects. Marcel is one of our brandmanagement lead experts 

Paul Hassels Monning b&w

Paul Hassels Mönning is active as a 'cooperating' commercial strategist, trainer and author in B2B marketing & sales. Based on his personal mission 'lifelong learning and inspiration', he likes to connect theory and practice. With his company dutchmarq, he enables medium-sized, internationally operating companies in IT, professional services and sustainability to achieve better growth through a smart combination of marketing and sales. Paul is one of our B2B Marketing & Sales experts.

Jaspar Roos

Jaspar Roos is a partner of various companies such as consultancy Limpid & Co, toolkit company PlaybookToolkit and research institute Human and Tech Institute. All initiatives are related to transformation. Over the years he has realized many breakthrough innovations. For Jaspar, the most important thing is to have fun at work and to have a people-oriented attitude. Jaspar is one of our Digital Transformation experts.

Michiel Ykema

Michiel Ykema studied Industrial Engineering and Management and Change Management and has been involved in transformation for most of his career. His main interest is the interaction between organizational and technological aspects on the one hand and human aspects on the other. Michiel, together with Jaspar Roos, is a core teacher at the post-master's program Digital Transformation & Organisation.

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