Digital Marketing Academy

Take your knowledge to a higher level with the Digital Marketing Academy
10 high-quality modules on relevant digital marketing topics
Combination of videos, additional literature, quizzes and assignments
Digital Marketing Academy certificate after successful completion
Opleidingsadviseur Mieke Mensing
Mieke Mensing
Opleidingsadviseur trainingen
10 modules, 12 month access
€ 795,- Excl. VAT
Opleidingsadviseur Mieke Mensing
Mieke Mensing
Opleidingsadviseur trainingen


New technologies and media lead to changes in business models, competition and customer behavior. This evolution has a serious impact on marketing. There is a growing need for concrete knowledge of digital and online marketing.

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With our Digital Marketing Academy you can update your knowledge of digital marketing in your own time and at your own pace. You'll learn to develop a digital marketing strategy, so that you are ready for the future.

We offer

✔ English, up-to-date e-learning in different aspects of Digital Marketing 
✔ 10 high-quality modules on relevant digital marketing topics 
✔ Combination of videos, additional literature, quizzes and assignments
✔ Access 12 months and start immediately for € 795, -
✔ Digital Marketing Academy certificate after successful completion
✔ Great addition to an In-company program

For whom?

The e-learning is intended for anyone who is involved in digital marketing and wants te get involved in the rapidly changing market.

Inschrijven Digital Marketing Academy

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Modules & topics

1. Digital marketing context

  • Digital marketing context 
  • Digital marketing strategy and plan 
  • Digital marketing mix 

2. Customer Experience

  • Customer Experience Fundamentals 
  • Segmentation and personas
  • Customer Journey Mapping 

3. Content marketing

  • Content marketing 
  • Content marketing strategy and creation 
  • Content marketing planning and implementation 

4. Social Media

  • Social media marketing 
  • Influencer marketing ​

5. Digital advertising

  • Digital advertising trends 
  • Digital advertising pricing models and ad formats 
  • Digital advertising measurement and attribution 

6. Emailmarketing

  • Emailmarketing fundamentals 
  • Emailmarketing strategy and optimization 
  • Marketing automation 

7. Usability and conversion

  • User experience design 
  • Conversion and conversion rate optimization 
  • Online persuasion

8. Search

  • Search engine marketing 
  • Keyword research  
  • Search engine marketing (SEA) 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) 

9. Web analytics

  • Introduction into web analytics 
  • Web analytics measuring and segmentation

10. Social Advertising

  • Social advertising strategy
  • Social advertising mix and formats
  • Social advertising targeting and retargeting

How does it work?

  • After registration you will receive a code within 24 hours (on working days) to register for the online learning environment.
  • You can start directly with the e-learning.
  • You will receive an invoice by e-mail, which you have to pay immediately.
  • In the learning environment, you will find videos, literature, quizzes and assignments per module, which you will go through independently.
  • You'll submit the assignments via the learning environment which will be assessed by a lecturer.
  • After successful completion of all modules, quizzes and assignments you will receive a certificate of participation.


Total investment €795,-
  • ​Price is exclusive of VAT ​12 months of access to the online learning environment
  • There are options for VAT-free invoicing
  • Ask about the possibilities for your personal situation


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