Create your own story with words and images
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Use techniques, images and story elements to tell a story
Connect your 'story' to the different phases of the customer journey
Add storytelling to the existing content strategy and communication
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First start date: 24 June, 2024
1 day
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€ 795,- Excl. VAT
Amsterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Eindhoven, Leusden, Online , Utrecht

General information

Storytelling is indispensable for successful content marketing; it makes your communication activities much more effective. With a good story, you can set yourself apart from others. A good story sticks. But what makes a story good? 

During the Storytelling training, you’ll work with your own story in both words and images. You’ll be working with storylines, short copy and impressions. Learning which story elements are needed and which techniques support a complete, inspiring and powerful story for your organisation.

In 1 day you learn

✔️ The importance of cross media storytelling for your brand
✔️ To develop your vision and concept on storytelling
✔️ Apply storytelling in the content strategy and communication-approach
✔️ Connect your story to the various phases of the customer journey
✔️ How to create a good story with techniques, images and story elements
✔️ How to get to work with storytelling and develop your story

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This course is for everyone (or aspiring to) working with storytelling and who wants to be able to convey a powerful story about their organisation. For this training, we expect the skills level of a bachelor's degree holder.


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experts from the field

Beeckestijn Business School works with outstanding experts with a lot of experience within the field they operate in. This way our lessons are a mix of theory and practice, and we use inspiring cases and examples from the field.


Ralph Poldervaart

Ralph Poldervaart (Storystrategist at StoryDiggers) supports organisations and brands with finding their story, living it and carrying it out. Additionally, he supports marketing teams by submerging himself in the world of various customer type.

Rob Prass

Rob is an expert in storytelling and a passionate storyteller, program creator, teacher and inspirator. As a program creator, he directed and developed many television series. His company, Creative Campfire, has focused, since the 90s, mostly on new media.

why Beeckestijn

✔️ You are guaranteed to make impact
✔️ Practical application and 100% experts from the field
✔️ You will build a valuable network
✔️ Your growth comes first, we go far for that
✔️ Satisfaction guarantee or money back
✔️ Possibility to pay in instalments

Beeckestijn opleidingen gemiddeld beoordeeld met 8,3
Springest: 8.4/10 | Google reviews: 4.8/5    


The program consists of the following parts:

  • Definition and impact of storytelling: what makes a good story?
  • Goals of storytelling
  • Storytelling & the customer journey
  • Application of (online) media
  • Social media and storytelling
  • Techniques and story elements for the creation of a good story
  • Use of images, copy and creative elements in a story
  • Work independently on the creation of a powerful story for your organisation


After the training you will receive a certificate of participation.


Capelle aan den IJssel
Capelle aan den IJssel


Total investment 795,-
  • This price does not include VAT
  • Including coffee, tea and lunch 

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"A very nice training with a fascinating teacher, that was the Storytelling training given by Rob Prass. The course was given in an interesting tone, without it becoming 'boring'. Combined with a number of exercises, we were able to use the theory in the practice. The theory could also be used for different disciplines, so it was not only textually focused. The location was nice and the surrounding service was well organized."

Source: Springest, spring 2023
"Educational and interesting."

Margriet de Jongh
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"I now know how to make a story compelling, relevant and how important it is not to just throw dry texts."

Olga Lefevere
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"Nice interactive training in which you learn what makes a good story a good story. Beautiful location and well-groomed catering."

Iris Vergeer
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022

"The training provides good guidelines and structure to create a beautiful story, and from different perspectives. It is also interesting to hear the different goals and experiences of participants and trainer with regard to storytelling. It was inspiring."

Mireille de Wit
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"Inspiring, immediately a to do list to improve your own marketing."

Kim Glas
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"The training was inspiring and very valuable. It was very interesting to get started with storytelling with various people (different functions/sectors)."

Laura Lommen
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"Great training with theory directly applicable in practice. You already start with this during the training."

Thiemo Montezinos
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"Writing is my job. I still had something to learn in the field of Storytelling. I did that in one day at Beeckestijn. I learned a lot, especially in the field of story structure, which I will certainly use in the future."

Linda van der Klooster-Wark
Source: Beeckestijn Evaluation, autumn 2022
"A very instructive and practical training for everyone, regardless of what position or background you have."

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
''Great combination of theory, practice and interaction.''

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
''Enlightening and inspiring training under the guidance of an experienced and sharp trainer!''

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
"A fascinating training that introduces you to all facets of storytelling."

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
''Had a nice session, with a lot of interaction between the students and the teacher. On the basis of fun assignments, we immediately got the opportunity to apply the material and receive feedback on it.''

Source: Beeckestijn evaluation
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