CRM Business Fundamentals Course

General Customer Relationship Management is much more than a CRM system or technology. It is a strategy and way of working aimed at the heart of your organization: the customer. The Customer Relationship Management course gives you the knowledge and tools to succeed as CRM professional.  


The Customer Relationship Management course is designed for professionals who want to know more about CRM and  customer centric management. Who want to learn how to align marketing, sales and service with a customer focus more and therefore want to get started with CRM in their organization. 

The course Customer Relationship Management consists of 6 modules plus a tailored strategy for your organization. Develop an action plan to successfully implement CRM into your organization. The course gives you the tools and knowhow to effectively engage with key stakeholder to overcome challenges and drive customer centric transformation in your business. 


  1. CRM strategy & planning
    Develop an understanding of CRM strategy, the traditional context where it occurs, and the challenges faced by corporations trying to implement CRM capabilities.
  2. Customer value management
    Understanding the importance and fundamentals of customer value management and customer based accounting.
  3. Customer processes: Sales, Service & Marketing
    Reflect on the customer processes within that corporations play an important role in managing customer relationships.
  4. Selecting, implementing & optimizing CRM systems
    Learn about different CRM solutions/IT infrastructure available to organizations, how to select, implement and manage these.
  5. How to manage CRM programs & CRM business case
    Understand how to manage CRM programs succesfully and how to built a CRM business case.
  6. The customer centric organization, culture & change management
    Develop a vision about how create a customer centric organization and culture.


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